Your fur so shiny and so soft,
Golden like the setting sun,
Your eyes so stunning and so deep,
Brown and sweet like honey drops.

When my world was dark and cold,
And all I wanted was to cry and hide,
You stood by my side with loyalty,
And offered me a steady hold.

You were with me all the time,
We became the closest of friends,
A bond was formed so very strong,
You precious thing deserve this rhyme.

As when no one batted an eye,
It was you who took away my pain,
I shared with your the sun and rain,
And only you could hear my cries.

Once a threat came in my way,
I fell and someone tried to help,
Though you didn’t let him touch me,
You jumped in front to keep me safe.

An angel from the heavens above,
For so many wonderful days,
You were the night and light for me,
Unconditional care and love…

Samantha, May 31 2020

Acrostic: Fearsome


Full of negative thoughts and feelings,
Everything feels like danger and threat,
All I want is some peace and healing,
Regrets as the things I saw I misread,
Sadness and fear and feels of repent,
Overwhelmed with care and shallow pain,
Memories of frightening, scary events,
Every move is a dance in the rain.

Samantha, May 27 2020

Rispetto: Magical


“It’s hard to truly put to words,
His poem reflects my fragile soul,
The way it feels and how it hurts,
How it sometimes feels so small.

Though his words of hopes and dreams,
They pull me deep in lovely realms,
and touch me right in my broken heart,
He’s a legend in this beautiful art…”

Samantha, May 27 2020

This poem is dedicated to William Butler Yeats.

Sedoka: Shaped


I am burning up,
This intense heat, I’m melting.
But I mold into new shapes.

Better than I was.
A butterfly circling in,
“Night and Light and the Halflight”

Samantha, May 25 2020

The last sentence of this poem is quoted from the poem ‘Aedh wishes for the cloths of Heaven’ by William Butler Yeats. This poem from William is my all time favorite poem as it resonates with my soul and is off essence in my life as it is right now.



I have always felt this powerful spark,
Deep inside the core of my being,
But everything now seems so dark,
I’m having a really hard time seeing

The positive, the good or even the light,
Suddenly it is like nothing matters,
Lying awake overthinking at night,
I feel like my hopes and dreams are shattered

It’s something I’ve never felt before,
Yes I was scared and hurt at times,
But this is different, this is my core,
I’m unhappy and the sun won’t shine

It seems as if I lost all hope,
Like the damage is already done,
I’m tired and I can’t seem to cope,
For my soul has been aching for so long

The thing is I know it will never end,
At least this goes for some of my pain,
There is no savior or helping hand,
Just me, the dark and the pouring rain

Though I know I’m strong enough,
To deal with my troubles the right way,
To pick myself up and rise above,
And to seize another day

I have to change a lot of things,
And I will do this on my own,
It starts with changing the way I think,
And stepping outside of my comfort zone

In a matter of days the change will come,
It will be hard but it will help me heal,
And whenever I start feeling numb,
I’ll connect with what I truly feel

This will be my biggest fight,
Becoming a better version of me,
It does come with a certain price,
But without a doubt, I pay it gladly

Samantha, May 16 2020